Fail to plan and plan to fail!

Get a business Mentor!

… Or better yet, get a few who specialise in different areas of your business.

Being a Personal Training Business can be lonely. Sure we are used to dealing with clients all day long and these people end up becoming more like friends or family to us. We feel their pain and we feel their success!

However, often we can feel alone when it comes to the actually day to day running of our new business life.

 What step to take next.
 How to make sales.
 How to keep clients motivated.
 Marketing and advertising.
 How to be different in a flooded industry.

We can hit an income ceiling whereby we literally CAN NOT trade any more hours for money as there are no more hours in the day!

And often our studies have not set us up for the reality that MOST of the fitness industry is run by sole traders. Having a paid job as a employee is rare.


So what can we do to help ourselves…?!

Leverage yourself of people who know more than you do and who are happy to help!

? If you don’t know how to market, watch a few webinars or do a short online course to get a better idea.

? Follow the shit out of people who are killing it in the industry. No not fitness models and bodybuilders but business people who have integrity and see what they are doing so right! You can learn from their mistakes too.

? Find people who can help in the areas you are unsure of – Nutrition, Lifestyle stuff, mindset & motivation.  I happen to know a sexy Nutritionist who can help with that stuff!

? Get a sales coach. Yes, some can be scammers but find someone with a reputable name that has been referred to you by others in the industry and who has a proven track record. They do exist.

Investing in yourself through further education is the best thing you can do for the long term viability of your business.

It can’t all be new exercise courses.

We only know what we know! And so this is why Mentors should be imperative in our business journey.

Skye ? xx