What subconscious identity is running your business and your life? You might not have even heard of the concept of subconscious identity before. Well, you’re about to find out now bringing this identity out if the shadows and into the light!

I recently made a video regarding this on my YouTube channel, Business Unleashed, and it has just absolutely blown up! Understanding the different levels of our mind will make you realize who runs the show. Learn about the top 5 negative subconscious identities that we commonly experience in our lives and what you need to do about it in this exciting episode. 


We discuss the following: 

  • The differences between the logical, emotional, and subconscious minds. 
  • Why is it important to understand the different levels of the mind. 
  • Discussing 5 negative subconscious identities that are showing up in your life. 
  • What is your emotional home? 
  • Steps you need to take to unpack your subconscious identity.