Limitless Health Co. was founded in 2014 by Skye Hanley, inspired by her overwhelming passion to create long lasting sustainable change in people’s lives.

Limitless Health Co. are experts in Done-For-You Nutrition, Lifestyle & Fitness Business Content that is branded as your own, as if you created it yourself.

This content is the ultimate time saver for you if you are a Personal Trainer, Small Business, Bootcamps Owner or if you run in gym challenges. Limitless Health Co. products and packages enable you to have multiple income streams while amping up your client offerings.

Are you tired of trading your time for money?

Do you want to effectively leverage your knowledge and expertise, all while offering your clients more value that is geared towards their overall success?

Then let us help you put money on the table and skyrocket the growth of your business with the addition of nutrition plans, ready-to-run seminars, social media packages, exercise guides and lifestyle handouts. You will also receive ongoing expert business support to help you best implement your packs and monetise your options.

Your Success is Our Success!

Are you in?


Founder of Limitless Health Co. Skye Hanley is widely known as the Limitless Nutritionist & Challenge Queen; International Author of Limitless YOU! The Badass Guide to Lazy, Easy, Simple Weight Loss and lead content creator of our most amazing packages.

Skye’s passion to help other Fitness Businesses comes from her extensive and varied experience working within the Fitness Industry, as a Personal Trainer, Instructor, Exercise Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Trainer and as a Manager across many facilities such as Gyms, Aquatic Centres, Boutique PT Studios, Large Scale Sports Centres, Bootcamps and more.

To say that Skye has experience in the fitness industry is an understatement.

Skye’s talent for business was evident well before her entry into the fitness industry, having represented award-winning organisations in key management roles and acquiring several business qualifications along the way.

During her years of personal training, Skye could see that there was a piece of the puzzle missing for the ongoing success of her clientele. She knew instinctively as a trainer that exercise was only one aspect of her client’s reaching their goals, and wished she had the resources to provide total care packages to her clients inclusive of nutritional guides, challenge materials, at home exercise and lifestyle support. She also knew the immense value of having ongoing mentoring; to continually build and run a successful fitness business.

And with this realisation – Limitless Health Co. was born!

Skye was on a mission to address the gap within the industry. With further studies in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) plus now, several years more experience working with clients as an Accredited and Holistic Nutritionist within her own Clinical Practice, she was ready to launch Limitless Health Co.’s unique and expertly created content packs, that address the nutrition and lifestyle aspects that hold clients back from achieving and maintaining their fitness and health goals.

Skye is all about sharing her knowledge across the fitness industry and loves nothing more than seeing fitness businesses and their clientele THRIVE after incorporating these packages.

“We believe that together we can change the lives of over 10,000 people every year.

Hell Yeah!”

Skye is amazing, she knows her stuff & so awesome at teaching it! We love the plans she has given our members & the support she gives to implement them.
Vanessa Norman

Lifestyle Coach, Toowoomba Fit 4 Life

Skye is so helpful! If you are a PT you need her in your life! Skye is so professional, her work is flawless and the ongoing help is beyond great service! Skye you are such an asset! Thank you for everything ❤️❤️❤️
Anna Aristidou

Personal Trainer, Bowen Bootcamps

Skye is so passionate & real! Her knowledge in health, fitness and wellness is top notch! Skye goes above & beyond for her clients, creating the most beautiful, delicious and professional packages. I highly recommend Skye to Personal Trainers and anyone in the fitness industry, she is one of a kind! Thank you for your ongoing assistance Skye, I truly appreciate it xo
Tamie Ora Buchanan

Personal Trainer, TAMbition Fitness Personal Training


“Once you are Empowered, Life becomes Limitless”