How are you looking at money in your life? Having worked with so many business owners, I know that people have really mixed reactions when we start to talk about money. And this is what we’re going to tackle today. 

I invite you to go on this journey to talk about your relationship, vibe, and beliefs around money, as well as the frequency of money. Today will be an exploration for you to feel into this and, hopefully, let go of some limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making the money that you desire. 


We discuss the following: 

  • Money as an energetic frequency.
  • The basis of our money mindset.
  • Code your bank accounts.
  • Money mantras you can use for yourself.
  • Putting voice to your relationship with money.
  • Understanding money as energy and frequency.
  • The meaning of being me-centric, you-centric and mission-centric.
  • Changing the frequency of which you are looking at money with.
  • Become a visionary.