Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Definition of:

  • Nutrition Plan: Nutrition Plans are a map to a gold star standard day of eating based on age and gender, created around The Australian Dietary Guidelines for healthy eating. These plans are balanced out in ‘serves’ so clients can build out their own best days of food, choosing things they like within healthier limits.

The Nutrition Plans match with the Food Guide. See definition blow.

Nutrition Plans and Food Guide are best suited to longer styled Challenges 8 weeks plus and/or simply ongoing personal training clientele. You can also use them for – Health Coaching Sessions.

  • Food Guide: This is the big book of options. Serving sizes for many of the regular food available to people these days so that they may make healthier choices while building out balance in their nutrition lives. This Food Guide matches with the Nutrition Plans and is segmented into food groups for ease.

Nutrition Plans and Food Guides together take a moment to get used to but once a client understands how to balance out their own best day and what exactly constitutes ‘a serve’ they never have to think about dieting again.

  • Lifestyle Handouts: These are great tips, tricks and general information for all those other areas in our daily lives, whereby our own best health can come undone.

Areas such as Sleep, Stress, Eating on the Go, Understanding Food Labels, Fundamentals of Nutrition and more…

Using these as a weekly focus point where clients can pick 1 to 3 things from each individual sheet to work on and implement as a new habit. Greater change comes when we are looking at clients as a whole person and helping them in a more holistic way towards their goals.

  • Meal Plans: This is the full dictation method where clients are told exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Meal Plans include shopping list, food swap list and normally go for a set amount of time. Examples: 28 Days or 8 weeks.

This style of plan is better suited to sorter sharper challenges or to reset people bodies when they go a little rogue.

Limitless Health Co.’s plans come in 2 levels:

  • Balance is 1500 Calories. Great for females and fat loss goals or less active humans.
  • Activate is 2000 Calories. Great for Males, Active Females (5+ sessions per week High Intensity), or 165cm 100kg+ females as they require more ‘energy’.
  • Exercise Manual: This specific manual purpose is as an At Home Exercise Guide. You can sell it as a Stand-Alone-Product to clients you rarely see to help keep them on track or use it in an online Challenge setting. It comes as part of a greater pack (The Ultimate at Home or Online Pack) with Meal Plans. You do not have to use these products together. Meals Plans can be for an in-person Challenge, whereas the Exercise Manual you can use as suggested above.
  • Welcome Manual: Everything a client getting started needs. Nutrition advice, Exercise information, Health tracking, Water intake, Gratitude Journals and more… This is a client’s first best step to kicking off with you and your services to help keep the accountable and on track. One stop shop for everything y ever wanted to say to a client!
  • Wholefood Recipe Book: This doubles as a Meal Plan (PROGRAM) all on its own. The current version has 111 Wholefood Recipes in it. Great for longer styles of Challenges, 8, 10, 12 weeks plus! It has the equivalent of 5+ Meal Plans in it and is great for healthy recipes to fatten out for the whole family. Do not waste this on short challenges and be sure to charge what it is worth. Also, can be used as a Stand-Alone-Sellable Product.
  • Smoothie Guide: This can be used as a guide to a Smoothie & Juice Detox or simply used to amplify nutrient availability into a client’s everyday life. Sell as a Stand-Alone-Program ONLY!!! Or use it in a Detox you are running like; Stepping out of Winter into Spring. Maximize the use of this Guide.

Should I cross over my packages and use something from one pack and something else from another?

The general rule for this is NO! Each pack is built specifically and intentionally to work as a whole. It gets too confusing to clients if you start mixing one style with another. It is also a massive waste of content.

Stop feeling as if you must give clients everything including the kitchen sink. You are enough!



NOTE: These are all PROGRAMS.

If you want to best monetize them ensure you are pricing them as such, and that your marketing reflects that.

Do NOT waste your content by giving it all out in one go. This only confuses & overwhelms clients anyhow, as it can be too much. It is also a waste of content. Be smart with your amazing tools. You can help your clients AND make a comfortable living too. Its ok to do both.

Do not undersell yourself & your efforts. Do not undercharge. And DO NOT give away for free.

You are enough and worth it. And so are these programs.

Remember: Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you are worth. Including me… Prices listed in this document are based on a general guide for MINIMUM prices to charge clients for packs EXCLUDING Exercise. Prices will differ dependent on how you are selling your pack (Stand-Alone-Product, Challenge, Online, Offline etc.). You also need to take into consideration your weekly exercise charges, costs incurred, inclusions and MOST IMPORTANTLY what price you put on your own worth.

How much should I charge for my pack?

Each pack has varying MINIMUM price suggestions. You should never let anyone tell you what you are worth (including me) but I do have suggested minimums as I find more often then not Trainers will undervalue themselves, their efforts and the Nutrition and Lifestyle Programs they are providing clients that Limitless Health Co. by Skye Hanley has provided your business with.

These PROGRAMS are built to grow your business!!!

*See individual packs below for more details and suggestions.



How should I market my pack?

This is a great and broad question. My overall suggestion is you need to market your Pack, Challenge or Program (whichever word resonates with you) in multiple fashions.

  • Social Media: You should have a personal profile you can connect to people through, a business page and I always suggest a local fitness community that you are the expert in. Your own group! All these different platforms can be used in different ways.

Just remember not to only spam people by selling things. Add valuable content so that when you want to upsell a program, people will want to listen.

DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket of Social Media. This is a dangerous way to run business.

  • Website: This can be great if your business has one. You can sell some of your packs as Stand-Alone-Products on your website through an online store.
  • In the Local Community: You are your business and people buy people!!! This means you SHOULD NOT hide behind a keyboard all day hoping a new lead spots your post. Get out of that computer chair and find new clients. Go to local community groups, sports clubs, mother clubs, mental health communities, corporate building, local shops, retirement villages, afterschool care… The list goes on!

How hungry are you to build a successful business?

How should I talk about my pack to clients?

In the section below, each pack has further, more specific information including how best to talk about your pack to clients. Simply find the corresponding package that you purchased and adapt the wording from the How do I talk about this pack to my clients?’ section.

You are welcome!

General Tips to Good Marketing:

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: Find 3 different ways to put yourself and your products, programs, challenges out there (that are not just 3 social media ways0. Genuinely connect with people. They are buying YOU!
  2. Talk to peoples DESIRES: Too often in marketing I see trainers list inclusions with no heart or connection to what clients truly want and the benefit your program will have on their lives. Its not about the features or your service. Examples: Unlimited Sessions, Great for all Fitness levels, X-amount of dollars! That’s not what clients want to hear.

They want to know the benefits to them, their lives, how you are the person ‘who finally gets it’ and can effect real change! Examples: Finally feel confident in your own skin, get your passion back for life and be the AMAZING example for your family you know you want to be! See the difference?

  1. Don’t list the price in a post: Give potential clients a reason to reach out to you and talk to you more. Build the VALUE in the program and the price is nearly irrelevant.
  2. Build Hype: Enthusiasm is contagious. If you are pumped about your program and you truly know it can change lives, then let that shine through in EVERYTHING you do.
  3. Insert ‘Calls to Action’: These are little friendly reminders telling potential clients what to do next. The biggest mistake I see in Marketing is Trainers not telling clients what to do, how to sign up, whether they should reach out for further details. Bridge that gap by stating wat you want them to do! It’s that simple.
  4. Smile more in videos: I get it, video marketing or simply doing LIVES on a health topic is not for everyone. But you need to get over yourself! I mean that with love. It is a super powerful business tool to directly connect with potential clients who want to SEE and HEAR what you are about. SMILE!!! Even if its scary, just do it anyway and soon you will become more relaxed and a pro. Whatever it is you think people are thinking about you (they are probably not) and its none of your business anyone. You do you buddy, its your dream life you are trying to build. No one else’s!




  Question Answer
1. How do I best use this pack?

This pack is best used in longer styled Challenges 8 Weeks + or as an online program or for Health Coaching Sessions.

Both the relevant Nutrition Plan to the individual and the Food Guide must be given out together as they work hand in hand on people’s nutrition.

The Lifestyle Handouts are great as weekly focus item. These are best drip-fed over time giving clients space to implement new habits. You could also use these as the basis for video content.

2. How do I talk about this pack to my clients?

These Nutrition Plans are gold star standard, based around the Australian Dietary Guidelines they cover all ages, genders and lifestyle phases including male/female, adolescent, pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly and more…

These coupled with our juicy Food Guide filled with loads of food options ensure you will never go hungry again, while teaching you how to balance out your own best days of food for the purpose of long-lasting sustainable change.

No more diet mentality, fad diets or quick fixes. Just real food, in real quantities. WOW!

3. How much should I charge for this pack?

Minimum without Exercise:

No less than $25 per Week for 8 Weeks plus!

(Not for short Challenges)

4. Should I print this pack?

Yes! Most definitely. Clients love tangible stuff and giving them their appropriate Nutrition Plan + the printed Food Guide will help keep them on track!

22 Page Food Guide Printed, Color Cover, Black and White interior, bound, clear front and black cardboard back = Approx. $7



Ultimate at Home & Online Pack


  Question Answer
1. How do I best use this pack?

This pack is best suited to shorter, sharper challenges as people don’t like being dictated to for too long.

You can run a 28 Day Challenge and couple this content with a small group session add-on. It is advised to drip-feed the Meal Plans into a private Facebook community week to week.

You could also use this as multi-level programs using this content as your lead in package. Or even select a sample week to use as a lead magnet to generate more clients and lastly simply sell the exercise guide as a Stand-Alone-Program to clients that are more home-bound.

2. How do I talk about this pack to my clients?

This Meal Plan pack is the full dictation method. Everything you need to eat, every meal covered and totally balanced and calculated for YOU!

You receive shopping list to ensure you are full set and ready to go, all the recipes you need over the (28 days or 8 weeks) as well as a food swap list to help swap a few things out because let’s face it, not everyone enjoys eating all the same flavors and so a little wiggle room is required.

There is no confusion on how you should be eating and inviting health into your life.

Get ready to reset that Rogue Body of yours!

Exercise Manual:

The 28 Day Exercise Manual is perfect for when you can’t pop into training sessions. There is no more excuse for not fitting in a workout with our easy to follow HIIT workout plan that can be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere you may be.

3. How much should I charge for this pack?

Minimum without Exercise:

28 Day Meal Plan: No less than $147

(Short Sharp Challenges to Reset a Rogue Body)

8 Week Meal Plan: No less than $247

Exercise Manual: No less than $79-$97 or above

(Think what do you charge for 1 PT session?

This is 28 days of sessions)

4. Should I print this pack?

No. This package is hundreds of pages all together. It is best drip-fed in a private Facebook community during your Challenge so to not overwhelm your clients.

What I suggest is:

On the Friday before you start, you release the first weeks Meal Plans and Shopping lists and tag the appropriate people in the appropriate plan. Balance or Activate.

This then gives participants/clients a chance to shop over the weekend, ready to be organized and kick off on Monday! You then repeat this process week to week releasing the next weeks plans on the Friday before the week starts.

This can even be scheduled into your Facebook group so you will never miss a beat.

5. Should I send all the weeks at once?

As mentioned above, I do not suggest this tactic. We are wanting to promote feelings or success and motivation and sending clients hundreds of pages at once, giving them the opportunity to look ahead, promotes feeling of dread and overwhelm.

We have enough stressors in our daily lives without making nutrition one of them.

6. Should I create a binder with all the Meal Plans and Shopping Lists contained within it? My advice here is also No. Its hundreds of pages and can be quite overwhelming to look at and have all in one go. We want to make clients feel empowered and successful so drip-feeding this content to them 1 week at a time is best.
7. Should I use the Exercise Manual with the 28 Day Meal Plan?

You don’t suggest this. The likelihood is that you are already including exercise as part of a Challenge or Program so there is no need to add the manual to that unless you are running a 100% online program.

Spreading out your content and using it for multiple different purposes helps to future proof your business.

Using the Exercise Manual as a Stand-Alone sellable product is a great way to increase revenue and offer these clients you don’t see enough another helpful option.




  Question Answer
1. How do I best use this pack?

This pack is AMAZING to use in multiple different ways and is also best suited to longer styles of Challenges or Programs from 8, 10 to 12 weeks plus!

Run Impactful Challenges with all the content ready to go. Generate added income with multiple ways to package your Guides, separately.

My best suggestion is to not use all the guide at once in one program. It is a waste of content, does not forward think of future proof your business and can be overwhelming to clientele.

Welcome Manual:

Welcome new members with the most up-to-date info in the nutrition world; including Nutrition Information, Exercise Guide, Health Tracking, Gratitude Diary, and more…. This Manual is best used at the beginning of a Challenge or to welcome clients to your services when they first join.

111 Wholefood Recipe Guide:

This BAD BOY is not only full of easy and fast recipe options, but it is balanced to be used as a BUILD YOUR OWN ADVENTURE MEAL PLAN! WOW!

Best used in LONGER Challenges or programs as it has the recipes of around 5 full meal plans in it. Do not waste that on short sharp Challenges.

Can also be used as a Stand-Alone sellable product for additional revenue. Printed or not printed.

111 Smoothies & Juices:

Run your own Smoothie Detox or offer as a Stand-Alone product for additional revenue.

One trainer made $1000 off this guide in 36 hours.

2. How do I talk about this pack to my clients?

I recognize the need for a truly holistic approach to our own best health, that’s why I’ve created (or created with the help of a Clinical Nutritionist) this most amazing pack.

I want you to have access to the most up to date help & support and so have am bringing you this Totally Balanced and ready to go Wholefood Recipe Based Program!!!

No more over thinking.

No more calculating.

No more dieting.

Just Real Food in Real Quantities ready to go and fully based on WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE EATING on any given day of food. BOOM!

·      This is a Truly holistic approach to your goals and you as an individual.

·      Learn how to balance your own best day of eating based on the foods you like and/or feel like on any given day.

·      Learn Intuitive Eating Practices – because let’s face it, we don’t all feel like eating the same foods every day.

·      Expert mentoring using the Welcome Manual; stay inspired, on track, while up-levelling your health life.

·      Concise information that is easy to follow and even easier to implement.

·      Plus, a greater focus on celebrating your wins and gratitude’s. Life is for feeling AMAZING and CELEBRATING. Success promotes motivation and in turn – promotes more SUCCESS!

3. How much should I charge for this pack?

Minimum without Exercise:

111 Wholefood Recipe Book: No less than $97 for Stand-Alone or as part of a Challenge No less than $147 additional to your overall challenge price.

(Watch the video in Nutrition & Lifestyle Support Hub for more details, Not for short Challenge use!!!)

111 Smoothies & Juices: No less than $47 – $97 or above as a Stand-Alone-Program or Mini Detox Challenge.

(Watch the video in Nutrition & Lifestyle Support Hub for more details)

4. Should I print this pack?

You absolutely can, however, I do warn that each manual individually is many pages ranging from approx. 75 pages to 140 pages.

Probably don’t print in full color as it will cost you equally that amount. 140 pages = $140

You can print Color Cover, Black and White interior, bound, clear front and black cardboard back for Approx. $10 to $20 each

Alternatively, you can send these manuals in digital form to clients and let them print them themselves.

If you are running a Challenge and price out all your inclusions appropriately in advanced, I always think it nice to print and give clients a tangible thing. Just ensure the price of printing is going back on them, not coming out of your pocket.

5. How can the 111 Wholefood Recipe Guide be used as a Meal Plan?

Clients simply select a meal from each category using the meal planning structure below (also listed in the first few pages of the guide itself), and know that they are getting…

·      A balanced day of food

·      That is nutrient dense

·      Based on a 1500 calorie to 1800 calorie diet

·      With a 40/30/30 split of macronutrients (Protein, Carbs and Fats)

Meal Planning Structure






Evening Treats

It’s just that simple.

6. How do I run a Smoothie Detox Challenge? This is an easy question to answer. All the details on how to run a Smoothie & Juice Detox is within the first few pages of the guide itself.
7. Do the Recipes and Smoothies have Calorie or Macronutrient Information with them?

Yes and No. Behind the scenes I have put in A LOT of time, effort and work ensuring all recipes are as balanced and calculated as possible. This include macronutrient levels (proteins, carbs and fats) as well as calorie calculated.

However, in saying that this style of free-balanced plan is not for clients to get too caught up on the numbers. It’s about intuitive eating, balance and not making nutrition another stressor in our lives. Plus stepping people away from diet mentality.

This is why I chose not to include the calculation in this style of plan. It doesn’t suit the overall purpose of it. If you are wanting calculated plans, see Meal Plan Packages.

8. Can I divide the Wholefood Recipe Book up into smaller programs?

This is not something I would suggest. It’s a large guide of options for a reason. To give clients free choice over longer periods of time so they do not feel bored with food and can eat what they like when they like it, while still stepping ever closer to a more health-filled life.

Dividing the Wholefood Recipe Book up defeats the purpose of this style of plan and perhaps a Meal Plan Package is more suited in this instance. Then clients are getting smaller, broken down recipes in a dictated fashion. Again, not the overall point of this Book or way in which it is best suited to use and from a business perspective – sell.




  Question Answer
1. How do I best use this pack?

This subscription-based package of Social Media content it to save you time, energy and brain-power having to come up with new posts and content every day.

We want to be proactive in our businesses not reactive and often when our focus is on exercise, our clients and trying to grow our business; remembering to post something inspiring falls off the ‘to do’ list.

This can be problematic as it creates a cold audience and when you go to up-sell a new Challenge or Program all you get is crickets as you haven’t added value to your tribe.

This package is best used to keep your clients as a warm audience always, so when you want to post about a new program you are running, you already look like an expert in your field based on the constant flow of valuable content/post this package provides.

2. What is the overall purpose of this pack?

This packages purpose is to save you time and energy by giving you content to schedule into your social media on a monthly basis. Plug in and play.

Each month you receive new content based on 4 Focus Topics:

·      Exercise

·      Mindset

·      Nutrition

·      Lifestyle

While using this pack it is suggested you still do intuitive posting. Things like your workout for the day, your clients dead after a tough workout, the amazing food you are about to eat. Anything extra is fine but with the pack, you never have any breaks in the added value to your social tribe. Making you look like to Go-To Expert.

3. Do I need to adjust parts of this package content? You don’t need to. Everything you have is everything you need to build your warm audience and keep them that way. Just copy, paste and post based on the social media marketing plan provided monthly.
4. Can I adjust parts of this package if I want? Absolutely you can. Once you have the content you can use it as you please. If you would like to add some additional information to a post, you may. Or if you would like to add some language or ‘your flare’ to the content, by all means go ahead!
5. Where can I use this pack? Which social Platforms. This pack is best suited for Facebook and Instagram usage.
6. Am I allowed to post this content publicly?

Yes indeed. This specific pack has no copyright infringement on it for posting publicly in the way the pack was intended.

(Only copyright held is for the purpose of on-selling content which is not allowed with any Limitless Health Co. Packs).

7. What happens if a post doesn’t suit my demographic? Simplest thing to do is adjust it according, however, we ensure all content provided is specific in terms of universal information but non-segregating to specific client groups.
8. What if another Trainer in my local area is also using this pack?

I personally make every effort to ensure this is not the case or notify you if I believe this to be a possibility. However, in saying that, I have never had this as a concern.

You are safe and only you are using it locally, I promise that!








How do I best use this pack?

There are a few ways you can use this pack:

1. Sell it as a stand-alone product to existing clients to cover their next ‘in-gym’ training period of 12 Weeks. This option does not have to include additional support. You can send the Program in Magic PDF format or Print the Manual/Program for clients.

2. Sell it as a Program and Package it with the addition of 3 Measurement and adjustment sessions/consultations for a higher price as it includes your expert time.

During these sessions you can adjust the sets and reps for the upcoming PHASE of the program and tailor it more to the individual needs of the client. It is suggested for this option that you Print the Manuals/Program to write directly into, the adjustments made.

3. Use for building an Online business/presence. Sell as a stand-alone online product that you can send in Magic PDF format to utilize the video link *provided by

Or use to build out your next fully online program, with the addition of Limitless Health Co. Nutrition Plans so that you cover all areas needed when Training clients online and afar. 

These programs are all ready to go as is, but you are also welcome to adapt them if you please.

NOTE: Only 1 Manual/Program needs to be given to a client at any 1 time, dependent on the number of days they would like to train in the gym.

DO NOT give more than 1 Program out to any 1 client!


How do I talk about this pack to my clients?

The Gym Buddy 12 Week Program Pack is easily adapted to your Goals.

Strength: Getting stronger, more toned, lifting heavier. Think CrossFit athletic look.

Hypertrophy: Fancy way of saying ‘looking bigger and bulking up’. Our Bodybuilder Friends.

Endurance: The ability for the muscles to last longer under strain. Think runners.

You don’t have to want to go all out! Maybe you just want to get stronger, fitter, reduce body fat and gain some muscle! Then this program is for YOU!

The more muscle we have the more calories we burn.

This Program covers varying levels of exercise and experience. It is geared towards the days you spend in the gym whether that be 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days.

Hell Yeah!

The best type of Program is the one you are going to stick to!

·      Have video to help you with exercise motion when needed.

·      View the images of each exercise to take out any crazy exercise name confusion.

·      Increase your success with totally Programmed and Calculated Exercise over a 12 Week period.

·      Stay inspired and motivated during sessions.

·      Receive concise information that is easy to follow and even easier to implement.

Remember, exercise is for feeling AMAZING. Success promotes motivation and in turn promotes more SUCCESS!


How much should I charge for this pack?


Minimum charge for this package is $120 each individual Manual/Program.

3 Day Split $120 – Minimum

4 Day Split $120 – Minimum

5 Day Split $120 – Minimum

This is only $10 a week for a client (over a 12 Week period or simply charge upfront) for a totally calculated and highly successful, 3 Phase Program.

It is suggested you charge higher than this but as always this is the standard suggested Minimum.

DO NOT charge different prices for each Program.

Keep them the same. If you charge differ prices you will find that clients will gravitate towards the one at the lowest cost, not the one that is best suited to their needs.


Should I charge different prices for the different Programs? (Splits 5, 4, 3 day)


DO NOT charge different prices for each Program.

Keep them the same. If you charge differ prices you will find that clients will gravitate towards the one at the lowest cost, not the one that is best suited to their needs.


Do I give a client all 3 Manuals/Program at once?


Each individual client only needs one Program at any one time, based on the number of days they are in the Gym.

However, after the initial 12 Weeks you can then up-sell another Manual/Program to a client for the following 12 Week Period.


Should I print this pack or send it as a PDF document?

Both options are great.

Print and provide a Manual/Program to a client so that they may carry it with them in the gym to view that day’s session structure and exercise breakdown with images provided.

Or send in a Magic PDF format so that clients can carry and view on their phone while working out. All they need do is click the video icon to be linked to the videos themselves.

Note: Magic PDF is already created and provided to you. All you need do is send the document PDF as it is and the video images can be clicked on and are links to the videos themselves. *Provided by


Can I adjust this pack for individual clients?


Absolutely. These Programs are totally-done-for you and ready to go, however, if you would like to adjust them to make them more individualized, you may. 

It is suggested that if you adjust or add in consultation time (Option 2 above) then you can and should charge a higher amount for your additional time and expertise.


How do I make this pack more specific to individual goals?

There are in fact many ways. Here are just a few suggestions:

·      Link up 2 of the exercises to make super sets.

·      Link up 3 of the exercise to make a giant set.

·      Throw in some German Volume Training on a few of the bigger Exercises for 1 of the phases. 10X10 – Bench, Dead’s, Squats

·      Do 1 Exercise of German Volume in each Phase

10×10 Bench – Phase 1

10×10 Squat – Phase 2

10×10 Deads – Phase 3

·      Add in the addition of cardiovascular exercise between strength exercises.

·      Add in a HIIT Day Weekly.

·      Use Plyometrics as set finishers. Squats + Jumping Squats.

·      Adapt the time under tension. 3, 2, 1, UP!

·      Switch up the goal’s and therefore the sets and rep ranges dependent on the muscle groups. Strength Training most of the body + Endurance on Triceps and Calves.

There is a table in the front on each Manual/Program that explains Strength Training vs. Hypertrophy vs. Endurance Training as well as explain how to adjust sets and reps accordingly.

Each individual Program has 3 different Phases to ensure the body isn’t getting too used to any particular day/phase or regime.

Feel free to get creative and come up with some of your own ways to adjust too. I’d love to hear what amendments you made to the Programs.


Is the pack ‘in gym only’ Exercise?

The answer to this question is Yes. This Program is geared towards free weights, dumbbells, barbells, benches, racks and machines that mostly ONLY a gym would have.