And why it is important in Business.

“In the belief of being able to do something, have something or achieve something your actions shift as if ‘the thing’ were already so.

Meaning that you will be constantly stepping yourself closer to that thing you desire simply by believing you can do it or have it!”

You MUST take your brain there first before your body/life will follow!

Wow. Big sounding concept right…?

Micro means small and trajectory means the path an object (you) takes moving under a given force.

Micro-Trajectory is the small shifts that will happen along the way when you are working towards your goals when you put action or effort (force) towards that goal.

Let me give you an example: You want your business to grow and you know in your heart of hearts that YOU CAN DO THIS! You plan to run an 8 Week Challenge (Yay fun) and you want 20 clients to join.

Now this is kinda where MANIFESTATION comes in too. But not the airy-fairy kind.

Manifestation comes from deciding you want something and taking…


If you want something and believe you can have it then all of our little decisions and choices in life will line up to point you there and therefore, your success in inevitable.

If you want to run a successful 8 Week Challenge then there are 3 steps to follow.

Step 1. Believe it’s going to be the best Challenge EVER and a great success. And I mean truly BELIEVE it!

I’m sure you are a BADASS Business Babe and you’ve got this!

Where Micro-Trajectory will kick in here is that every time you speak to a potential client they will DEEPLY FEEL your belief in the Chllenge you are going to run and be drawn to be a part of it simply through your belief.

Such a micro action as believing in yourself can shift the thoughts and feeling of others stepping you closer to your goal.


No procrastination, perfectionism or self-sabotage. If you want 20 clients then you may need to speak to 100 people to get you there.

Keep going! It’s absolutely doable. Believe that and you will make it so.

Step 3. Keep choosing success.

Micro-Trajectory will help get you there by continuously shifting your trajectory or direction towards success with every choice you make leading to that Challenge and your belief in the outcome.

If you need to call around. Do it.
If you need to send Private Messages. Do it.
If you need to miss out on the BBQ on a Saturday night because you are putting together a marketing plan. Do it.

Success comes when the thing you desire far out weighs everything else around you and you take action to get you there.

Now, think about this, you could make the sales calls (equals taking action, right?) however, if you don’t believe in the 8 Week Challenges Success, your potential clients will feel that.

Because your trajectory is pointed towards failure not success.

Yes taking BIG action is taking BIG action but the belief and the small underlying shifts that are required to get you to success need to happen too.

And they will. Because of positive Micro-Trajectory as simple as believing in the possibilities!