Your path to ultimate business success.

Success is an ongoing process. I kinda think moving towards it is a lifetime goal.

It’s important when we succeed at something in business, the ‘little’ stuff that we pause and celebrate.  Every success counts. Sound familiar, like something we would tell our clients right! 

We have to be clear about what we want.

Just wanting ‘a successful business that makes money while helping people’ isn’t enough.

 How many people do you want to help?
 How much money do you want to make?
 How will you measure your successes as they arise?
 What time frame are we looking at?
 What’s your short term goal?
 What’s the bigger picture?

And most importantly – What is your compelling WHY?! The thing that gets you up in the morning and doing what you do!

Often clients will tell me that their Kids are their why. Cool, but what do you want for your kids? How will your business success achieve that?  GET CLEAR or how else will you know when you get there, and how will you know that’s it’s then time to THINK BIGGER!

Being unclear on what success looks like to you means you will get Wishy Washy results.

Being clear, means that every cell in your body, every decision you make, every action you take and the frequency you are putting out is propelling you towards your Goal!

? Be clear.
? Ask yourself questions.
? Write shit down.
? And know your WHY!

Skye  xx