I know you’ve heard this first bit before…

The human brain has 60,000 thoughts per day! 

But did you know that 90% of those thoughts are not new thoughts. 

We are telling ourselves the same stories that we were telling ourselves yesterday and the day before and the day before that!

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Are you telling yourself good stories, positive ones, ones that are helpful and full of hope and light? I am amazing. I am the universe.

Or are you telling yourself BS stories, bringing yourself down, low-vibe’n and beating yourself up in your own head. I am not worthy. I am not enough.

Only 10% is new input daily! That is really powerful when you think about it.

Because whatever stories or beliefs or ideas or thoughts or whatever you are playing on repeat in your brain, is going to manifest in your life and in your business!

✅ So, if we are wanting to up level our business.

✅ If we are wanting to up level our existence and our life.

✅ If we are wanting to up level our reality as we see it and feel it on a daily basis.


Then we need to up level the thoughts that are driving the train!

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