I don’t know if you’ve noticed but YOU are so much more than ‘just a PT’!

So, have you ever thought about (or tried) theming your Bootcamps, Week of Exercise, Classes or PT Sessions?!

This is a great way of sharing your thoughts and feeling of the world. You are an influencer, teacher and expert even if those words don’t quite resonate with you just yet.

You simply are!

Clients, your tribe, flocks to you for advice, for help, for health, for personal issues and for so much more.

So why not lean in?!

Do more. To be more. To have more. To give more.

Speak from the heart on a particular topic weekly. Ask a question of your tribe.

“What does this word mean to you?”

See what amazing insights can be shared.

Build a community based on growth, on improvement, on personal development on – COLLECTIVE WISDOM!

✅ Do more: Give that extra 2% that maybe other trainers won’t.

✅ To be more: Each new level of your business will require a new level of YOU! Step up.

✅ To have more: The more we have the more people we can help! Growth & Wealth come from new experience and new expectation of yourself. Step out of your comfort zone.

✅ To give more: The greatest reward in this life is to share what we have to help others. You have knowledge of health through the tool of exercise. Who are you NOT to share that with the world?

Growing wealth (meaning experience, knowledge, relationships and yes money too (but not only)) gives you the ability to change lives. Yours and others.

So, choose to share. Speak from the heart. Raise new ideas and ways of looking at things. Offer more than Exercise!

Here are some great topics to get your creative juices flowing and some questions that may help you speak on these topics to your tribe. You can even ask your tribes these questions too!

? What does this word mean to you?
? When is a time in your life this word has resonated?
? What is your experience of this word?
? What does this word raise inside you?
? What does this word make you think of?
? How does this word make you feel?
? Do you have any unfinished business with this word?
? What are your beliefs around this word?

✅ Words/thoughts/values/beliefs:

? Simplify
? Freedoms
? Experience
? Values
? Courage
? Beliefs
? Confidence
? Body Image
? Comfort Zone
? Just ‘Being’
? Upheaval
? Stop Apologising
? Get out what you put in
? Responsibility
? Motivation
? Accountability
? Reward
? Happiness
? Health
? Baggage
? Focus
? Allowing
? Evolving
? Holism
? Clarity
? Mindset
? Curiosity
? Wisdom
? Intuition
? Growth
? Balance
? Self Love
? Self Care
? Vitality
? Energy
? Alignment
? Letting Go
? Gratitude
? Creating Space
? Expansion
? Surrendering
? Journey
? Universe

INSTRUCTIONS: Use these topics as a weekly focus point with your tribe. Write a post about it, make a LIVE video on it, put it up on a mirror in the gym, ask questions and get your tribe to share, speak on your experience of this word and its relationship to your life. Tie it back to an overall health journey. And reflect…

See what magic happens.  xx