Who loves job interviews?

I do. I do. *True fact! 

My partner and I joke and say that back in the day, the reason I used to love job interviews so much is because I get to talk about my favorite subject… ME!

But let’s talk about YOU and your Business for a sec too!

Back in the day when the interview question came up… What are your weaknesses?

This was my answer…

“I believe that weaknesses are simply skills that have not fully been taught to me yet (or learnt).”

It’s true right?

My resume’ reflected this with this quote…

“You can teach a person any skill, but you can’t teach a person to care!” 

Think about those 2 things for a second in relation to you and your business.

You care, I know you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this sentence!

Which leaves us with weaknesses. Simply put – skills that have not been fully taught to you yet!

How great is that! It means that anything other than CARE (which I already know you have a bucket-load of) can be taught to you, can be learnt and therefore INTEGRATE into your business NOW!

So think about it. What do you feel your current business weaknesses are?

Skill-based stuff right? Meaning there is someone out there right now who possesses that skill, knowledge and know-how, who can up-skill you in your business to where you want to be.

All you need to do is turn up in your own life (and business) and CARE! 

Comment below your business ‘weaknesses’?

I can help! xx