So I’m going to give you a weird analogy….

My partner is a  Competitive Snooker & Billiards player. In Billiards, you have to get a score of 250 before your opponent does, to WIN.

Now there are 2 kinds of players…

A. The person who goes to the table when it’s their turn and ALWAYS goes for the PERFECT big trick shots and the shots that score high.

Now this can work sometimes to gain traction as obviously they can score high when they score – or – it goes horribly wrong and they score nothing.

Then there is Person B…

B. This person goes to the table and consistently chips away at their score adding points every time it’s their turn.

Who do you think wins 9 times out of 10…?

The person who is making constant progress towards their goal, of course!  Constantly chipping away. Constantly doing what they can to get ahead and stay ahead.

You see when we relay this back to business (not Billiards) PERFECTIONISM is stifling.

It’s 100% self-sabotage.

NOTHING is perfect.

What is far more effective over time is simply making PROGRESS! ✅


? Call those leads
? Lock in that Challenge
? Post that blog
? Make that video
? Book in the appointments

Whatever it is that you are waiting for… STOP!

Just do it.

You are the KEY to unlock all your business DREAMS!


Skye  xx