Why are you not valuing yourself and then complaining that…

“I just don’t think this Fitness Business, work for myself stuff is working out for me! The industry is flooded and I’m not very good at marketing or doing FB ads.”

***Goes back to ‘normal’ job. Grrrr

As a Fitness Business Mentor… This one really makes me want to shake people sometimes! Shake you with LOVE and frustration.

Truth Bomb:

❌ It’s NOT the flooded industries’ fault – there are billions of people on this planet which means plenty of potential clients.

❌ It’s NOT your marketing skills’ (or lack thereof) fault either. Marketing ourselves and our businesses is a skill and therefore can be taught/learnt when we care enough to learn how to do it.

❌ And it’s NOT Facebook’s fault either. We are local businesses who serve local communities. Why are you hiding behind a keyboard anyhow. People buy People! That means your clients are buying YOU! Stand up and be seen in your own life and get your face out there in the community!


You are an expert and your tool is exercise. Exercise can change people’s lives. You should know this as I bet – it changed yours!!!

So why all this BS about upping prices or putting a price on a Challenge that your TIME, ENERGY and KNOW-HOW is WORTH…?!

It’s because you don’t value yourself!

Would you tell a weight loss client “Hey you may want to drop a few Kilos but what for? You’re not really worth the effort to yourself. Right?”

Oh my lord NO you would never say that.

So why are you saying it to yourself…?  “Hey Me, I may want to help lots of people through the tool of exercise, something I love doing, changing the lives of my clients and changing the lives of my family while contributing to this world in a positive way BUT WHAT FOR? I and my dreams are not really worth the efforts of valuing myself, my time, my efforts and charging what I’m worth to be able to continue to help people (including myself and family) through a viable and structured business approach to my DREAMS…”

? Teaching clients Exercise and Nutrition is easy. It’s the MINDSET stuff that’s hard.

? The same as teaching business and marketing is easy in business, they are just tools, it’s the MINDSET stuff that takes work!

Work every day telling yourself…


STOP the guilt trip of feeling bad you are charging people, STOP telling yourself the BS story “Oh but my clients would never pay that” (if you build the value in a thing to them then they will) and..

❌ STOP not charging for the time you are not working directly with clients – back onto your clients! Meaning the hours you are working in the back end of your business matter and should be covered in client charges!

Ever feel like ALL your time is spent on PROGRAMS or getting everything ready to run a CHALLENGE…?

? In my mentoring group we talk about MINDSET as it underpins everything!

? We cover PRICES and how to ensure all your front end costs as well as your backend hours are covered PLUS you are making PROFIT not just scraping by!

? And we ensure YOU know what you stand for so you get to lean in and be more confidently, unapologetically YOU!

Stop undervaluing yourself. It’s killing your business, it’s SELF-SABOTAGE (yep, you’re doing this to yourself) and it’s doing your clients a disservice too.

✅ YOU are Enough and YOU ARE WORTH IT…??? ($$$)