People buy People…!!

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the idea that we need to market, make FB ads, post pretty pictures of our tribes, write content, share recipes, Workout of the weeks and more… And while all of these are important…

Notice a theme there.  Where are you in all of these?!

Behind the iPhone screen. Typing away. Hoping to stand out in a flooded industry.

So what are you to do?!


People buy people, which means you need to be visible to potential clients.

They buy your:

? Personality
? Your Vibe
? Your ability to break things down simply
? They buy your smile, Your Laugh
? Your Care-factor
? And Your unwavering belief that you are the person who can truly help them!

All that can’t be seen in a word post. Not always.

VIDEO can be the key to your business success!

STOP!!! Don’t freak out, I know you’re having that moment of…

“F**k that Skye. I’m not going LIVE. What would I even say?! I don’t even look good enough to be a trainer!”

We don’t realise how much we truly know. There are sooooooo many things you can share from your brain  to your tribe!

 And don’t get me started on the whole ‘look like a trainer’ thing! You are enough, you are empathetic and understanding and REAL!

 Ideas for Videos:

✅ Share your Fitness Journey
✅ 5 Food Prep Tip
✅ The importance of Stretching 
✅ Different styles of Exercise
✅ 5 Stress Management Tips
✅ Live video making BLISS BALLS
✅ Ideas on ‘Incidental Exercise’
✅ Fun ways to workout that are not the Gym!

The list is endless. Simply think; What is my tribe ALWAYS asking me about? What questions am I ALWAYS answering!

Videos don’t have to be long. They can be nice short, sharp tips that simply get your face in front of your tribe and potential new clients.

 When you make videos and post them regularly, what happens is a potential new client will one day think…

“Shit I need to get healthy maybe I’ll message that awesome chick who is always making those cool videos!”

 Instant. Expert. Status.

The last thing I want to mention is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING when making a video!!!!

 SMILE and allow your personality to shine through!!!

? You are enough!
? You know more than you realise!
? And your tribe LOVES you for being YOU!

Stand up and be seen.

Skye Hanley xx