Secret Marketing Hack BELOW:

I get it. Marketing can be scary! It’s like talking a whole other language in a country where everyone else seems to be speaking that language just fine, but YOU! 

But the good news is, like French or German or Korean; marketing is a language you can learn to speak, to better connect with your tribe! 


>>> Beast Mode Business Bootcamp Tip #134 <<<

When it comes to clients… Sell them what they WANT and give them what they NEED!

So, what do our clients WANT?

❤️They want weight loss.
❤️They want energy.
❤️They want confidence.
❤️They want their dream body.
❤️They want passion back in their life.
❤️They want to feel attractive to their husbands again.
❤️They want vitality
❤️They want to feel and look younger.
❤️And they want it to be presented to them in a lazy easy simple doable way.

They have enough stressors in their daily life without making Health, Fitness, Weight loss and Nutrition more stressors!

These are their pains points. This is what they are laying awake at night thinking.

We as the Business owner and therefore as the Marketer need to speak to these pain points (and alternatively their desires) when talking to clients.

Sell them what they WANT!

Talk to that one person as if it was coming straight out of their mouths themselves.

This is how you deeply connect with the ideal client that YOU were put here on the planet to help.

Then, as the Trainer and the Program creator – You give them what they NEED!

✅A better relationship with food.
✅Stress Reduction Techniques.
✅Nutrition Advice.
✅A friendly butt-kicking.
✅Help stepping away from the ‘all-or-nothing’ approach.
✅Support & Understanding.

What they want is too look good in their little black dress and what they need is the help and consistency that will get them there.

If you are like many Trainers out there and feel that Marketing is just one of those things you can’t seem to get a handle on.

If you are wanting step by step systems to put in place that can help.

If you are wanting adaptable templates that you can use to help you Market better from Day 1.

Then contact me NOW about >>> Beast Mode Business Bootcamp <<<

This is 1 of the many areas we help Trainers with to…

?Amplify your business offerings.
?Speak more directly to your Tribe and therefore get more of your Ideal Client in the door.
?And boost your bottom line! Dollars in your wallet!

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