Is this you?

Scrolling insta stories comparing yourself to insta-beauties.

Do you ‘check out the competition’ far too often? Other trainers, local gyms, celebs!

Do you feel worthy? Like YOU are enough. No imposter syndrome here?!

How is all this comparison-based scrolling making your feel?

If you are like most trainers, then you are probably spending far too much time beating yourself up, making comparisons that are simply not true nor are they worth the time and energy you are putting into them.

You are damaging your MINDSET!

…and the way you feel about yourself as a Trainer and worse, how it is you move through the world as a human on your very human journey.

This is my very technical term here… F**K that S**T off right now!

Be done with the blame game and the shame.

You are enough.

Your clients love you for being you.

You are not an imposter.

And the only thing that is true is that you are DAMAGING your business by floating around on such a low frequency vibe.

Business is a lot like a weight loss journey.

You need consistency.

Comparisons are wasted time and energy, as your journey is different.

And beating yourself up is the fastest way to failure!

You can’t hate yourself into losing weight and you can’t hate yourself into growing a healthy and wealthy business.

I work with Trainers all the time as part of my Beast Mode Business Bootcamp, helping them amplify their self-worth and thereby amplifying their bottom-line!

Yep, You read that right. The dollars in your wallet are in direct correlation to your level of self-worth.

So, the question is… Are you ready to shed the habits and mindsets that are no longer serving your purpose? 

Comment >>> HELL YEAH <<< below if you are ready to say FU to unhelpful thinking!