That time after Tony Robbins when I ended up in hospital nearly bleeding out!  

My Mum has a rule. I’m not allowed to call her anymore if I’m heading off to hospital! 

She said she is done; I’ve used up my full quota already. And to be honest, she would be so right! 

So, I went to the Tony Robbins UPW event and it was amazing. Life changing info, awesome experience and I can’t wait to go again this year. 

But something happened after the event that put me in hospital.  


You see the whole UPW event is geared towards screwing with you on EVERY level.


Integration is that uncomfortable area where you are pushing through boundaries. It’s a breaking down of sorts, so that when you get spat out the other side you are stronger, richer (wealth of character) and if you are lucky; you’ve levelled up your mindset and therefore your experience of life!

It is the resistance that comes up in your mind, body and spirit between what makes sense right now (giving you the results you currently have) and who you need to become to get different results!

Integration can show up in so many different ways. 

Emotional Breakdown.
Feeling Lost.

And for me, integration showed up as symptoms of my body!
Burning temperature and losing feeling in the right side of my body.

Epic right!

So naturally we headed off to hospital.
While in hospital, I had a cannula put in. The needle and tube thingy in my arm to take bloods.
Except the cannula was broken and bright red blood started pouring out across the floor!

Now instead of pulling it out, the doctor (bless her, she was doing a great job) but she freaked a little and didn’t know what to do, trying to cover the broken cap part with her finger, to no avail.

My partner asked if she would like him to try to help and block the bleed so she could run off and find something else that could help. She said “Yes” and ran.

So, I’m in the hospital bed not being able to feel my body, my partner is leaning across the bed trying to block the cannula, I’m bleeding EVERYWHERE as it’s pouring onto the floor and the Doctor has bailed.

Lucky I have an amazing sense of humor about these things. I thought the whole thing was hilarious.
You can see why my Mum is done with hospital adventures with me, right?
Anyhow, new cannula put in. Bed and me covered in blood. And guess what?

The Panadol they gave me in the waiting room kicks in. Yep, 2 Panadol was all that was needed to fix me.
Oh lord! How embarrassing…

The moral to the story is that the UNIVERSE loves to throw us some curve balls when we are trying to level up in life and integrate. 

You get sick.
BS gets in your way.
You suddenly get super ‘busy’! It’s you creating that busy BS by the way.
You find ways to self-sabotage.
You find EXCUSES not to integrate and go through the tough process.
And you convince yourself maybe you don’t really want your dreams after all. 

It’s a test to see how badly you want your dreams!
So how badly do you want them…?
How serious are you?
And are you willing to put in the work? 


My Beast Mode Business Bootcamp is there to help support you through your UP-LEVELLING!  

The only expectation I have on you is the same expectation you should have of yourself… You just need to turn up and put in the work!  

Now in all seriousness, my Mum is absolutely the best person I know, and the not coming to hospital thing is not a true rule of hers. More of a joke one! Or at least I think it’s a joke anyway!  

 We didn’t call her on this particular hospital adventure, but I did have to call her the next and tell her the story. You can imagine how unimpressed she was.  

 I think the comment was “Why do you have to be so dramatic!” 

Yay me. 

 Beast Mode Business Bootcamp. No bleeding required. xx