Fear is a very real thing (or is it?) that can run many people’s lives and businesses…

⚠️Fear of failure.
⚠️Fear of success.
⚠️Fear of what people will think.
⚠️Fear of what people may say. 
⚠️Fear of being ‘seen’. 
⚠️Fear in trying something new.
⚠️Fear to step out of your comfort zone.
⚠️Fear of what may happen.
⚠️Fear something may never happen.
⚠️Fear that you don’t know enough.
⚠️Fear you are not worthy (Imposter syndrome).


This fear that you are carrying around can manifest in so many different ways…

❌Perfectionism (Paralysis).
❌Never backing yourself fully.
❌Not trying anything.
❌Not striving for new experience.
❌Beating yourself up.
❌Poor self talk.
❌Victim mentality.
❌Past & Future thinking.
❌Never striving for your dreams…

You see, the thing about fear is – we are doing it to ourselves!

FEAR is Self-sabotage.

It’s stifling and it’s often a choice. Yep, that’s right. A choice. You are choosing the experience of fear for yourself.

The good news is – you can choose differently! Or… as Tony Robbins says:

“You can fear something and do it anyway!”

On the other side of fear is…

✅Your new normal.
✅Your new comfort zone.
✅Your dreams.
✅Your desires.
✅Your success.
✅Your growth.
✅New experience.
✅Greater understanding.

All those things you want NOW but have to step past fear to get.

Most of our fears are irrational. Meaning they come from no logic or reason.

?You are enough.
?You are worthy.
?People’s bad judgments say more about them than they do you. 
?The only failure is never trying.
?And ‘What if’ everything works out amazingly?

Put your energy into positivity and reinforcing that. Not doubling down on fear and finding ‘evidence’ as to why your fear is valid.

Strive for and focus on…

?Life Wealth.
?New experience.
?Helping others.

Not fear.

So my questions to you are these:

What are you fearing that no longer serves your purpose in the pursuit of your greater self?

What are you fearing in business that is irrational and stifling to your success?

??? xx