What does it truly take to have a higher self mindset and achieve your goals? Today, we are going to talk about the millionaire you, a higher self mindset that if you embody leads to magical thing in your business and in life.

Spoiler alert: In this episode, I’m going to help you see what your future self would look like if you bring it into the now.

We’ll go through some powerful questions together to enable everything to align within you to bring about the reality of your desires. Are you ready? Get your journals and pens ready, this is going to be life altering.


We discuss the following: 

  • how the higher version of you would show up in the now.
  • Thinking about your beliefs and how you show up.
  • Removing distractions to be in superflow and in alignment with your highest self.
  • Getting results by knowing how and who to spend your time with.
  • Knowing what, who and how to attract the things and people you need.
  • Putting priority on yourself and powerfully starting your day.
  • What’s stopping you from being this person now?